About Us

Our professional team, which consists of proficient and experienced engineers in the mining sector, have gathered under the framework of MADEX.

Our Mission

To contribute to the national economy of Turkey by means of projects that will be conducted in the same direction with the benefits and goals of our country.

Our Vision

To be the most serious and professional company of Turkey working under international standards in energy and mining sectors.


Our professional services arise from the consequences of our resolute endeavors and as long as we are preferred in the market, the value of our company will rise as well.

The source of our power depends upon our staff. It is our merely goal to increase their skills and satisfaction by providing chances to the personal development of our employees. The main principle of our company is to achieve team works which will enable them to fully participate in various projects.

Our gain is an indicative of how well we satisfy the expectations of our customers.


Providing growth sustainability by building new markets and  improving services in the current  projects.


Focusing on creativeness for all the business aspects.


Aiming to be the most preferred brand  that satisfies the market’s and customers’ needs.


Aiming for exellency during human resource processes.


Aiming for being the  the most successful company in customer satisfaction.